Monday, June 13, 2011

Hitting the courts

It's that time again! Time to hit the courts! As you may remember, Holden took tennis lessons all last summer. He loved it so much that we continued his lessons into the fall. When sign up began for the summer session I asked him if he wanted me to sign him up again. He quickly answered "Yes!" Today was his first lesson of the summer and I had laid his clothes for what he was to wear for the day. But when he came into brush his teeth he had on something totally different. Not only was the outfit amusing but the added sweatband had me laughing inside. I did not want to hurt his feeling so when he asked, "Don't I look good?" All I could say was, "You look awesome." What a sight! He did not match, and that crazy hair with a sweatband. But he was beaming! When we arrived at the park, he was so excited that one of his instructors, Miss Allie, from last summer was his instructor today. He was on cloud nine when she remembered his name! I think he grew two inches in that moment.

Today's lesson itself, was a reminder of the drills they learned last summer. Walking the dog, Ups, volley, forehand, backhand, and so forth.

You may wonder what was Rylan doing during the lesson? Yes, playing tennis too, just on his terms!
My goal is that someday the boys and I will actually play a match against each other. I am guessing from the looks of Holden's form and the added sweatband he likes to wear, he would more than likely win our match. If not by points than for his attire for sure.

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Ashton said...

so cute! I can't get over that headband...He looks adorable :)