Friday, June 10, 2011

Rainbows Everywhere!

Several weeks ago I saw a recipe online for rainbow waffles. After last weeks watermelon waffles, I knew just had to make them. All you do is divide the batter into six separate bowls, then add food coloring to make red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Spoon each batter color into the waffle iron to make a rainbow. Now, mine are not perfect and I used a little too much red and orange, next time I will know not to use as much. But even though the waffles did not turn out perfect, I knew the boys would enjoy the surprise. Add some whip cream for clouds and there you have it, an easy rainbow breakfast. As I expected, the boys loved them! I wish I could take credit for thinking of these cute waffles but I can not. This breakfast creation sparked a list of different waffles Holden and Rylan want me to try make in the next couple of weeks. Some of their ideas were really creative, I just hope I can make them as they in vision them.

As the sun was setting tonight I noticed out the window a faint but existent rainbow in the sky. What a coincidence! Rainbows this morning for breakfast and then ending the day with a rainbow in the sky. Rainbows seem to be popping up everywhere around us.

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