Monday, June 6, 2011

Strawberries, Strawberries, Strawberries

Well, the title says it all...Strawberries, Strawberries, Strawberries!!! I have been checking several local farms websites for U-pick strawberries the last couple of weeks. But they were all predicting a less than favorable crop. Then Friday, I read that several were not going to have a U-pick crops this year! UGGG!! I was so bummed! Then I decided to call a farm we visited for blackberries last year to see if they had strawberries. Luckily, they did!! Our Saturday plans were in place! Early Saturday morning we packed up and visited Stokes Farm for a little strawberry picking.

In the car we were all going back and forth about who was going to collect the most strawberries. Holden was determined to win...go figure! As soon as we gathered our flats and quarts we were off and picking. Much to our surprise, the crop was abundant and plentiful with strawberries. Just look at these red beauties! Absolutely prefect! As is Stokes Farm! It is absolutely gorgeous! I just love all the wide open fields filled with various crops.

The boys gathered, gathered and gathered berries. Holden took his picking very seriously! And just look at these chubby little hands gathering strawberries. Precious! Rylan seemed to eat more than he actually placed in his quart, I guess he was just making sure they were ripe for us.

After picking for about 45 minutes we called it a day. But not before the boys sat on the farms John Deere Gator. It just would not be right to visit a farm and not sit on a tractor or something, now would it.

Time to weigh our pickings. You will never believe how much we pick between the four of us! 16 POUNDS!!!! WOW!!! I think this years strawberry picking is a record for us! Yikes! Now, I have to get to cooking, baking and canning these strawberries!

Sunshine, warm temperatures, time together, and memories with the boys gathering their own fresh fruit from a farm. These are just a few of our simple summer pleasures we enjoy the most.


Amy said...

OMG! 16lbs!!
We would be in heaven having that many in our house. Yum! The recipe possibilities are endless. Enjoy!

Mom of 12 said...

I love strawberries! Especially made into sweet sticky red freezer jam...oh and strawberry shortcake...mmmm I'm hungry now.