Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Reading

A couple of weeks ago, while we were signing up for the summer reading program, I also signed the boys and I up for several programs and story times throughout the summer. The first program we signed us up for was Ronald McDonald-A Circus Around the World. Not really knowing what to expect, I just told the boys we were going to a show at the library. When we arrived the librarians and staff had everything totally organized. Even down to where everyone was going sit during the program so that everyone would be able to enjoy the show.

As soon as Ronald walked into the room the kids screamed with excitement! He performed magic tricks, juggled, acted silly, and even asked for volunteers to help out his act. Wouldn't you know that Holden was the first to volunteer and was even picked! I do not know how he does it but somehow this little guy always gets picked. He helped perform a magic trick with cards. As expected, he was talking about it all day long! He even tried to perform a couple of tricks of his own at home.

After the show we were able to meet Ronald or as the boys like to call him, "The Happy Meal Guy." Everyone was all smiles!
As I was telling Kevin about our day and how I was actually looking forward to the upcoming programs he says, "Well, it is good to know our tax dollars are actually going to something educational." Such a cynic I tell you! We enjoyed our morning at the library and were able to checkout lots of great new books to help fill our reading logs. It's like our very own adventure in a book! Happy Summer Reading!

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