Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sun, Sand, Waves, and Creatures too!!!

Monday's agenda, was much like Sunday's, fun in the sun! However the day ended up being so much more than what we had planned. While Kevin and Holden were out pretty deep they found several sand dollars! When they went back out to return the sand dollars they found a starfish!!! Oh my, the excitement!!!!

You can see the difference in the boys personalities from the pictures. Holden is examining the starfish and wanting to look at every detail while Rylan is just excited just to hold the creature.

Speaking of creatures, Holden and Rylan buried Kevin so he would look like a sea monster. The minds of boys!

Our afternoon was spent riding bikes and exploring. Which lead to our evening of exploring. The boys, along with Kevin, were on a mission to go sand crabbin'. Do these three look like crabber or what? I mean really, what is the saying, "Like Father, like Sons." The wind was blowing like crazy and made the sand look really neat. While our little crabbers were on a search you will not believe what washed a shore! A sea turtle, and I am not talking about a small sea turtle, this turtle was at least 250-300 pounds! She was coming a shore to lay eggs. What are the chances of actually encountering such a creature. We were all in amazement!

Now back to our mission, crabbin' that is, final we caught some crabs! Hard to see but they are in there. What an amazing day! I think I was just as excited, if not more, than the boys about all of our sea creature encounters!

On the walk back to our place, Holden says, "We are just like Zooboomafoo. We are animal adventures." After our day, I suppose we sort of are. Trust me we will be talking about this day for years to come!

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Lauren Allen said...

oh my goodness!!! Looks like you guys have a had SO much fun!! We LOVE Hilton Head...just not the drive!ha!