Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The training wheels are finally off!!

After tennis yesterday, the boys and I took a nature walk at the local park to look for treasures, rocks, sticks, feathers, worms, a boys treasures you know. As we were searching for treasures, we passed a little boy riding his bike with no training wheels crash and then jump right back on like nothing ever happened. As we passed him Holden looked at me and said, "When we get home I am going to ride my bike with no training wheels." I said, "Ok." But what I was really thinking was, "Oh geez this is going to be a long day." I was expecting the removal of his training to go just as it always does, I remove the training wheels, then he falls, then he demands for me to put them back on. And yes, tears are shed during the whole ordeal. We have done this drill before!

When we got home I took his training wheels off. A determined little guy isn't he! I was running beside him for the first several times while Rylan was following us on his tricycle. Then, I decided to just hold his seat to start out and then let him go on his own and HE DID IT!!! Since Kevin usually does not get home until the kids are going to bed, Holden was determined to wait up to show his Daddy his new bike skills. As soon as he heard the door open, he was flying down the stairs and jumping on his bike. Yes, I let the boys go out in their PJ's, it was a big day after all. Off Holden went with no training wheels! Do you see that smile?! Oh my, just look at him!!! Such a big boy! And just in case you missed that smile, here it is again! Finally, the training wheels are off!!! This time I think it is for good!

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