Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Copy Cat!

My friend Amy in Atlanta does the neatest activities with her girls. Right now she is doing this yearly tradition called 31 Flavors where for 31 days she surprises her girls with an activity, outing or just a fun craft. Yes, I love reading all about it! Last week they had a day of science experiments. Once I saw their experiments, I just knew I had to copy/borrow their ideas. I even talked Kevin into helping. As Amy did, we asked the boys what do you think will happen if you put a Mentos into a Diet Coke bottle? Holden, "It will sink to the bottom." Rylan, "Taste good." Typical answers, Holden very literal and Rylan just happy go lucky thinking about food!

Finally, time to see what will happen when you place a Mentos in a bottle of Diet Coke? Watch and see...There you have it, it explodes! Talk about the surprise on their faces! Of course after they both wanted to taste the new Minty Diet Coke. I admit, I am a copy cat, but this was just too neat not to try out with the boys. Thanks Amy for the fun experiment idea!

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Amy said...

I love that you captured the boys' faces in the background. So fun!