Monday, July 25, 2011

Crazy Cardboard Regatta

Saturday the boys were so excited about the Crazy Cardboard Regatta. So what is the Crazy Cardboard Regatta, it is where individuals make boats out of cardboard and race each other. This boat says it all, "Cardboard, tape, water. What could go wrong?" Some of the boats were so elaborate. Holden liked all of the army/camouflage boats while Rylan liked the bright colorful and animal boats. It was exciting and pretty funny to watch the boaters yell for another person to jump out because they were sinking!

Holden and Rylan enjoyed cheering the boaters and have decided that they are going to enter a pirate boat next year. We will just have to see about that!

The Crazy Cardboard Regatta was fun, even with the down pour of rain, we all enjoyed our day at the park.

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