Sunday, July 17, 2011

Daddy's cheering team

Back in the spring, after our long cold winter and the month of rain, Kevin and I were both suffering from seasonal depression. More Kevin than me, but not having warm weather and sunshine has been quite a challenge for us. i told Kevin he should sign up for an intramural softball team. He played while we were in Alpharetta and had a such a great time plus it is something he loves. After searching around he found a team to join. All of his games have been at 8:00 pm or later. So the boys and I have yet to see him play. Until Saturday, they were participating in a tournament and the boys were excited to cheer him on. So much that on Friday Holden insisted that we make him a poster, "like they do on t.v.", for the big game.
When we got there I was a little surprised by the team. The only word that comes to mind is eclectic! Kevin by far was the youngest. I swear a couple of them were pushing 70 and wheezing for air as they puffed on their cigarette. And did I mention Hulk Hogan was their pitcher? No, seriously his name was Hollywood sportin' the long gold chains and he was at least 65! I shouldn't laugh but the first baseman pulled his hamstring rounding second...I did not know you could injure yourself moving that slow!!! It was quite amusing! But Holden and Rylan seemed to be unaware of their surrounding because they were just a cheering with their homemade signs!

Yep, can you tell they adore their Daddy! After the game, they ran around the bases. I think we may have to go over the fundamentals of baseball with Holden, he is about 2 feet away from the base! We will just leave that up to their Daddy!

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