Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dolphin Seafari, Bluffton, and a little bit of Crabin'

Holden and Rylan both love anything about animals so when we found this Dolphin Seafari we knew the boys would both love it! As we boarded our seafari boat we saw our first "catch" which were blue crabs. I learned how you can tell the different between the males and the female, the males claws are blue and the females are red, so that it looks like nail polish. Kind of a neat way to tell the difference. Then we set sail on a mission for dolphins. We saw several! But they were so quick that I was only able to capture the tales and then them diving back into the water, but it was amazing to see up close even if I could not capture the moment. There were tons of jelly fish floating around the waters, these particular ones are called cannonball jellyfish and are not poisonous or rather do not sting. In fact, in Japan they are actually a delicacy. Hmm, I may have to ask Sadako about that. Anyways, after the boys heard that they do not sting, they wanted to hold them. Look at the cute little crab, I guess he decided he needed a free ride. We also found oysters, and a female blue crab, see the painted nails.

Then it was back to shore. We drove over to Bluffton, which is a quirky old beach town. Very cute! the store are all old gas stations and garages. I thought it was kind of fun. Lots of fruit stands too. i could not help myself, we just had to buy some peaches! The main reason we drove to Bluffton, not only for the cute shops but to buy fish from this Oyster Company that has been around since 1889! They bring in fresh fish daily off the boats so we knew this would be great. Plus, I just love dives and family owned businesses. Just look at all the oyster shells! Not to mention the beautiful sky! While we were in Bluffton we ate dinner....yummy shrimp! Then promised the boys we would go crabbin' once we got back to the house. That is just what we did, we head out looking for crab again! This has got to be the funniest scene with Kevin and the boys running chasing thees little crabs. But it was a success! They caught several which were actually kind of big. What a fun day! Oh, to be a kid again!

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