Monday, July 4, 2011

Last days of fun in the sun...

We spent our last days of fun in the sun...on the beach! We built sand castles, played in the surf, played football with Daddy, just look at that form, a future ball player I believe, we also had several dolphin sightings, and just had fun. As we were leaving Hilton Head, we stopped by Tybee Island to see the lighthouse before we headed back to Ohio. Then we made one more "must stop" for fireworks in Tennessee since technically they are illegal in Ohio. Now you know, you can not celebrate the 4th without fireworks! After we stocked up on fireworks, it was back to the Midwest. After being in the South for the past 9 days, it made me realize how much we really miss being there. Sweet tea, Publix, warm weather, sunshine, Southern hospitality and charm, peaches, and oh yes, where else would you see a large cow driving down the highway...only in the South!

No, really it was a great Griswold, I mean Port Family vacation. I miss our time there already.

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