Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Library Goals and Zoofari

At the beginning of the summer we started our reading logs and after several weeks we have almost completed our goal of 60 hours of reading. For every 10 hours of reading you turn your log in for a reward. Yesterday they boys were able to turn in the second to last reading log. So far, we have completed 50+hours! This log reward was a coupon for an ice cream cone at The Cone, a coupon for Chick-fila kids meal, a coupon for an Ihop kids meal , and a book of their choice! Who knew reading was so much fun! I think Holden may have swayed Rylan into picking a Star Wars book just like him but then again I could be wrong. After choosing several books to help complete our final hours of our reading logs, we made our way over for the Zoofari Program. Again this was another program the library offered that I signed up for this summer. The name says it all! The Zoofari program featured 6 animals from 6 continents. With each animal they described what they ate, what they did, and where they came from. Here is a little of what we encountered...
South America-The Brazilian Salmon Pink Bird eating Tarantula, North America Toucanet (Toucan), Europe-European Legless Lizard, Africa-Dark Mongoose, Asia-Burmese Python, and Australia- Wallaby. After the program was over they said that if you wanted to touch the python then to stand in line...who were the first to get in line? Holden and Rylan! This really must be a boy thing to touch a snake, I personally did not partake in the activity!

On Tuesday's at our library they have craft timealso, so you know we had to stay and make a craft. This week they made penguins to go with the animal theme.

Since the summer heat is in full swing, it was nice to spend a morning inside picking out books, learning about animals, and making a craft all at our local library.

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