Saturday, July 16, 2011

My First Scooter!

Poor Rylan always seems to get all the "hand me downs" from Holden. His first tricycle, was Holden's, his first bike, was Holden's, his first baseball glove, was Holden's. Not that there is anything wrong with "hand me downs" it is just Rylan never seems to have any "first" of his own...until now!

Every time we play with our neighbors Rylan always runs to Sophie's scooter to ride on. Usually she does not mind but then, as any 3 year old does, sometime she does not want anyone to ride it. As you can imagine, it is WWW III! Mainly from Rylan!!! So I told Kevin, "We have got to get Rylan a scooter!" On the way home last night, Kevin picked up a brand new, and Rylan's first, Radio Flyer Scooter! This morning we surprised Rylan with his scooter! He rushed outside to give it a ride! And just look at him go!!!! My baby and his very first scooter!!! This is a big day, next thing I will know he will be getting his first big boy bike. But we will not rush that too much, for now we will just let him scoot around!

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