Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Summery Saturday

Saturday morning, Holden had a make-up tennis lesson from the week he missed when we were on vacation. He was excited to show his Daddy his skills. Since Kevin is always working during his lessons, he has yet to see him in action. As you can see, he was in his element. And, yes, Holden was sportin' the sweatband again! After Holden tennis lesson, we drove over to an entry point for the Loveland trail to ride bikes. The plan was to ride to eat lunch and then ride back. Holden wanted us to all ride our bikes together but we thought it would be a better idea for him to ride after lunch. Also, it was our first time on the trail and we were not sure exactly how far it was to Loveland. well, it was a good thing we talked him into waiting, because we rode 14 miles! We biked into the town of Loveland, which is just adorable!!! They have restaurants, cafes, snow cone shops, and stores that line the trail. I just loved the idea that everyone parked their bikes and ate outside.It was packed! As I said, the trail is lined with various shops and so forth, there is also a canoe entry too. The boys begged us to stop and see if we could go conoeing! Obviously, we were not dressed for conoeing, so we promised them we would come back soon but not before skipping a couple of rocks across the river. Such a boy thing to do! As we rode back to get Holden bike, I noticed the boys were awfully quiet. As we reached our car, we looked back and saw...they were both asleep! Their poor heads do not look comfortable but don't they look sweet asleep together! Since they were sleeping and we did not want to wake them up, we continued to bike for the next hour and a half. There is no telling how far we actually rode! Finally, the boys were awake and we head home for a water gun war! Nothing like water guns on a hot summer day. We finished off our summer Saturday with dinner outside and soda floats! I can not decide who enjoyed being outside more, the boys or Kevin and I.


nicole said...

Nice! I am impressed at the biking skills...:-)
I love that picture of them sleeping and Kevin saying, "SHH!" Too cute!

The Gibson Family said...

Love this post!!!! Looks like so much fun ;) Love the pic of the boys asleep!!