Monday, July 25, 2011

The "Sweet" Life!

My birthday was this past Friday, and besides having surprises from Kevin and the boys, I was given enough treats to open a sweet shop. First, my sweet friend and neighbor Sarah brought me two strawberry cupcakes on Thursday night. After a week of VBS and 21 3 year olds, I could not wait until Friday, my birthday, to enjoy these cupcakes. As you can see, Kevin could not resist either! They were delish! That same evening, Kevin surprised me with a dozen cupcakes from a local cupcake shop. Oh my, just look at all the different flavors! There was Red Velvet (My favorite! How can you not love red velvet after seeing Steel Magnolia's and the grooms cake, a Red Velvet armadillo. A southern classic!), Birthday cake, Lemon Raspberry, Oreo, Double Chocolate, and Dreamscicle. The boys loved the dreamscicle cupcake so much, it honestly tasted like a push pop! If that was not enough sweets to last an entire year, my other neighbor brought over a Double Chocolate cupcake too! Then on Saturday, our new sweet neighbor heard it was my birthday and brought over cookies! WOW! I am living a "sweet" life!

After sampling several cupcakes, I decided it would be a good idea to freeze the leftover cupcakes. After all, I do want to fit out of the house! But I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed every "sweet" moment of my day!


Amy said...

Very sweet indeed.
Happy belated birthday, Liz.

nicole said...

Wow! Cupcakes and treats galore! How nice! Welcome to the "33" club!