Monday, August 22, 2011

Cincinnati's Ronald McDonald House

After our outing to River Downs, we planned to stop and visit the Cincinnati Ronald McDonald House to deliver our Lemonade Stand money. We tried to plan a trip for everyone to go together but with school starting back this week, everyone was pressed for time. Instead I printed pictures of the lemonade stands for The Ronald McDonald House to have of all the children.
Along with the $167.55 the kids donated, they also brought pop tabs that they had collected, a total of 0.9 pounds, and cards they had made for patients. Since we had never been to the Cincinnati Ronald McDonald House, they were gracious enough to give us a tour. (Even though we were all sweaty!) We learned that this particular house is the 3rd largest in the United States and can accommodate up to 80 families. Which we were told they stay at capacity with a long wait list of families. On the board with the patients names, we noticed there were families from all over the world, Greece, Georgia, New York, Oregon. On our tour, we were able to see the common areas, school rooms, libraries, theater, and the lunch room. They also let us know what their needs are and what would be the most helpful for us to continue this outreach with the children. I think after walking the tour and visiting The Ronald McDonald House you become a little more aware of how blessed we truly are and how we should use our blessing and give back even if it is just a card, a basket of fruit, trash bags, collecting bottle tabs or even just a simple prayer.

As we walked away today, Kevin and I were both proud of all of the kids but we were also given an added appreciation for how fast life can change and to count our blessing one by one. Our hope, wish and goal, is to make this a family outing quarterly, if not monthly, to help give back. Even if it is just something small hopefully we will instill those values of helping others into our children. That is our ultimate goal. This visit was not just meaningful for us but I really do think it meant something to the kids to donate their money they had earned to such a worth cause.

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Kate said...

kuddos to the port family! long term housing for medically displaced families is a blessing from God! what a wonderful lesson you are teaching your boys. so proud of you guys.