Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten!!

Today was Holden's first day of Kindergarten and I am happy to report, we all survived I was a little worried after going to Friday's Meet the Teacher. He was crying, I was crying, we were a mess! But today, we just had a slight case of the first day jitters, well, mainly me!

I tried to make this first day memorable and as special as possible. I decorated the breakfast table and bought a couple of books for both Holden and Rylan. After an exciting morning of surprises, we gathered our school supplies, teacher gift and set out for our first day of school! Don't you just love the uniform and Batman backpack! You can not imagine how proud he is of his backpack!

Once we arrived at school we were greeted by the Headmaster, whom I believe must have memorized every child's face and name because when he bent down and gave Holden a hug it was like he had known him for years. This small gesture I believed eased the jitters a bit.
However, when we arrived at Holden class, there was a little boy hysterically crying! I just knew this was going to be a trickle effect. Much to my surprise it was not. Holden found his cubby and placed his lunch box, which by the way only held a small snack since Kindergarten is only 1/2 day but he insisted he needed a lunch box so we got it, then found his desk and sat right down! I was shocked! His teacher, Mrs. Knight, came over to greet Holden and she told him she brought a couple of sea books just for him. AHHH, this made his day! After several pictures, it was time to let my baby boy begin his first day of Kindergarten. Doesn't he look so big! No tears from Holden but as for Rylan and I, it was a different story.
While Holden was in school and our tears were drying, Rylan and I ran home to prepare a couple of after school surprises. You can't see it so well because of the sun but we wrote with chalk on the driveway, "Welcome Home Kindergartner! Love you, Mommy, Daddy and Rylan" And a couple of sweet surprises too...Apple pops, school cupcakes, and a favorite he asked for worm apples.

When we went to pick Holden up from school he was smiling, happy, and glad to see us. His first day was a success!

This afternoon we enjoyed some Back to School treats and a little bit of reading. As I sit here and reflect on Holden's first day, and really ever since the day Holden and Rylan were born, I always go back to the song, "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts. Particularly the chorus,

My Wish for you
Is that this life becomes all that you want it to
Your dreams stay big, worries stay small
You never carry more than you can hold

And while your out there gettin' where your gettin' to
I hope you know somebody loves you
And wants the same thing too
Yeah, this is my wish!

This is my wish for both boys but as we start the school years with Holden this is my wish even more. After shaking our first day jitters, I feel that we are off to a great school year filled with success, fun and lots of memories.


Christi said...

As usual, too cute. I can't believe our big boys have started school!

Amy said...

Is that a neck tie under his vest? Wow! That is a formal uniform. Sounds like it was a very emotional day for all of you, but special nonetheless. Great pictures! Oh, and I love how the teacher gifts turned out. Very nice.