Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Foamtastic Day!

I have to say our church has some of the best activities for the kids. Which is one of the many reasons why we love our church. Monday all Kindergartners were invited to a Foamtastic Party. So if you are wondering, like I was, what is a Foamtastic party is, basically it is a bubble bath without the water. Holden's friend Charlie was there for the party too which made the day even more exciting. Just look at these little faces as they watch the area transform to a bubble/foam pit... Since I do not have a sitter, Rylan had to come with us too which I was not sure how he was going to feel about not being able to play in the pit, but he found his way around that. Some bubbles came over the side and he was able to play. Finally, the foam was ready and the fun began! Is this not the funniest thing ever! Holden, and every other kid was having the time of their life! They were all a sudsy messy! When some of the children cleared out for snacks, Rylan inched his little way in. Poor thing just could not resist! I think I should try this at home. Not sure how I would do it but I am sure it would be a Foamtastic day, just like this one!

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