Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Holden turns 6!!!

Six years ago today, I became a Mommy for the first time and ever since, it has been an exciting, challenging, and yet fun journey. Usually I would have gifts and treats on the breakfast table however, with our new Kindergarten schedule I decided it would be a good idea to celebrate after school. Hence no tears with "having no time to play" with his new toys. Thankfully this worked!

Rylan and I were able to attend Holden's school celebration with his class. He asked me to make football brownies to share with his classmates, as I did. He was very excited to see us, which was nice. Then it all went downhill. As part of the class celebration they sing Happy Birthday and another song I do not remember the name. Typically Holden loves attention however today...he did not want any part of it.

As you can see he became very teary eyed. I did not know what to do! Once the singing was over, he seemed fine and enjoyed his brownie with Rylan. As I am always saying, Holden is my wild card and keeps me on my toes! Since Kevin was in town, we decided to wait until he came home from work to open gifts and eat cake. But somehow Holden talked me into letting him open Rylan's gift, which was a hit. They played and played and played. Finally it was time for cake! Holden loves Lego's so in my mind I thought it would be a cute cake...well, I was wrong! It flopped! It was suppose to be red but it looks more like pink and it did not turn out anything like what I had planned in my mind. Thankfully my attempt to make Lego "guys" was well received!These were eaten in about two seconds!

Even though the cake was not the cutest in the world, we still had our birthday boy make a wish!Did you happen to notice our toothless smile? That is another story for another day!

Then "Little Bit" had to make a wish too! (I love the look of shock that Rylan actually blew out the candles.)

Our 6 year old birthday boy enjoyed opening gifts, eating cake, and wishing for a wonderful year to come. While our other little munchkin seemed to enjoyed his cake a little too much!!! I think it will take me days to get the stains out of this one! Happy Birthday Holden, our wish to you is that your dreams always come true. Thanks for always being so loving, caring, adventurous, and yes, unpredictable. We love you more than you will ever know!

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The Gibson Family said...

Happy Birthday Holden!!!! Can't wait to party with you!!!