Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our visit to River Downs

Saturday was our last outing of the summer and the completion of our summer list. We visited River Downs which is a horse racing track. I read about this track a couple of months ago and knew that we just had to visit. Rylan LOVES horses and has asked for several weeks "to go see horses." Not to mention admission is free, parking is free, and you can bring in a cooler with food and drinks. How could we go wrong! As we were leaving the house Holden asked our new neighbors if they would like to come and sure enough they said yes. So we added two more kids to the car and the boys were elated! There is just something about older kids that my kids just love, Rylan kept asking Kirsten to hold his hand and Holden wanted to do everything Nathan did. Thankfully they are sweet kids and did not mind all of the admiration.

This was a first for our neighbors to go to a horse race and a first for all of us to visit River Downs. The venue was not packed and the kids were able to get right in front of the finish line. (I personally think the best seat in the house!) We told them all of the names of the horses and let the kids place some bets on who they thought would win. Kevin was our bookie for the day and placed our wagers, each had 2 dollars per race, big spenders I know! After all the bets were places we walked over to the paddock which was great! We were able to get so close to the horses, owners and jockeys which made our visit even more special for my horse lover. Finally, we were off to the races! The kids were all so cute yelling and cheering for their picks and were luck enough to ALL WIN one race. Little did we know, there was a photographer and the owner of the winning horse, standing behind us. As the kids were cheering the photographer walked over to me and asked if the kids would like to walk over to the winners circle and meet the owner. Well, of course!!! The kids were able to meet the owner and even took a picture with the entire team! Then the jockey came over and introduced himself to the kids. What an opportunity!!! Everyone was so excited! We watched a couple of more races before calling it a day. As if meeting the owner, standing in the winners circle, and meeting the jockey were not enough, the photographer made each of us a keepsake picture with the winning horse crossing the finish line and a group picture of the kids with the horse which he included the name of the horse and all of the information. Not only was that the highlight of the day, then the jockey walked over and gave each child a pair of his racing goggles! To say this is the boys new favorite place to go, is an understatement! They have worn those goggles nonstop and have had horse races by running with their stick horses around the house with their goggles on--can you imagine the joy! I think it is pretty safe to say that our last outing of the summer to River Downs will go down as one of the highlights fore sure!

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