Sunday, August 7, 2011


Ever since our visit to Fox Hollow Rodeo last summer the boys have been asking when can we go again! So I knew this was a must visit again this summer. Same as last year, they have Muttin' Bustin' which is when kids ride on a sheep, kind of like bull riding for kids. As soon as they called for all Muttin' Bustin' riders to come to arena, Holden was running! Not far behind him was Rylan! After a prayer to protect the children, yes, I thought we are in trouble at this point, they brought out Rambo. However, Rambo did not want any part of this activity. Finally they pulled out another sheep to ride. Holden mounted the sheep, and off he went. Unlike last year, they had several cowboys surrounding the riders for protection. Holden held on and did not fall off, even when the sheep did not want to stop. Next up, Rylan! Yes, we let him ride with Kevin holding and running beside him. He loved it! Just like a true cowboy when he got off the sheep, all he was worried about was his hat. Finally it was time for the Muttin' Bustin' results....HOLDEN WON!!! He received a PBR belt buckle! This was so hilarious but he was so proud! After several pictures it was time for the Rodeo and bull riding to begin! Look at all these cowboys in Ohio, surprising I know. But better yet look at these bull riders! Then there was Barrel racing and intermission. During the intermission they have line dancing and pony rides for everyone. As soon as the announcer said this Holden was running out to join the dancers. Does he know how to line dance, no but that did not stop him from trying. (He is the one on the far left) Then he spotted a pretty blond and walked over to dance close to her. Funny story, I saw the girl talking to him so when he walked over to join us for the pony ride I asked him what she said to him. He told me she said, "Do you want to learn how to line dance with me?" He said, "No, thank you." I laughed and laughed and tried to explain that when a girl ask you to dance, you dance with them. He looked and me and said, "Mom, I already know how to dance." HA! He is just too funny and is always keeping us on our toes.

Holden and Rylan both rode the pony several times before calling it a night. I think it is safe to say our annual trip to Fox Hollow Rodeo was a huge hit considering they have both asked several times today when can we go back!


Lauren Allen said...

i was cracking up reading this!! haha! your boys are too cute!! next time you guys go to the rodeo we want to go too!! See you thursday!!!:)

nicole said...

Too funny! And looks like fun, too!