Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Take me out to the ballgame...

It has been almost 2 years since we have moved to Cincinnati and within those 2 years the boys and I have yet to go to a Cincinnati Reds game. This was one of our "Summer List of thing to do" this summer. However, since we are frequent attenders to our favorite ball park, Prasco Park, and have been very spoiled by the kids activities and great baseball, I had yet to get tickets for the Reds. Then Thursday afternoon Kevin called and said he had 4 tickets for Sunday's game at 1:10 if we wanted to go. Sure, free tickets, why not! We waited until Saturday to tell the boys, which gave me enough time to get matching shirts for the game as part of the surprise. Wouldn't you know, they were elated! Rylan even woke up extra early Sunday morning and dressed himself in his new shirt! It was early, but it was precious! Holden and Rylan could not contain themselves, they were so excited!

Once we were at the game the excitement did not end! They raced each other on the baseline race, saw how far they could jump, met Redlegs and Rosie, watched some great baseball and their new favorite player #19 Joey Votto and cooled off by enjoying an icy on this extra hot day!
Sunday's game was a victory for the Reds 9-0 and a great day for us at Great American Ballpark, even if it was blazing hot!

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