Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tennis, Tennis, Tennis

The Cincinnati Western Southern Open began on Saturday. I thought it would be fun for all of us to go and see the Men's & Women's qualifiers. Not to mention some of the top players practicing. You will not believe how close we were to some tennis greats! First we watched Caroline Wozniacki, then Andy Roddick and Fabio Fognini. Which Holden loved watching because if you have ever seen Andy Roddick play, you know he loves to scream and little did I know Fabio Fognini screamed too but it just happened to be in Italian. We walked to court 8 to see a huge contrast in James Blake and John Isner. These two we joking with each other and even stopped and talked to the fans. If you remember John Isner holds the record for the longest tennis match in history. However, I did not realize just how tall he really was! WOW! But such a nice guy, he signed autographs and even chit-chatted with Kevin a bit. Did I mention that Saturday's Opening Day was also Kids Day? Well, Rylan got a tiny tennis ball painted on his arm but what did Holden ask for? Spiderman! Never a dull moment! Next up, we watched Juan Carlos Ferrero. Then we walked over to Court 5 to see Maria Sharapova practice before calling it a day. I think I enjoyed watching the practices even more than I did watching the qualifying matches.

Once we were back at home, the boys became tennis pros themselves. Do you see any greats here?! I think with the sweat bands, they are looking more and more like the part. I am hoping to get back this week to catch a couple of matches but if not, I am content seeing the pros in action, even if they were just practicing!

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