Sunday, August 14, 2011

Thelma & Louise

Kevin sister Jennifer and his mother decided to come visit. When they first told me they were coming, I started calling them Thelma and Louise. Thursday, they arrived just in time for the lemonade stand so Friday we planned for some fun at the zoo. Can you believe we have not been to the zoo all summer? Well, I could not believe it either but we planned the perfect day, they weather was so nice! As usual the boys loved everything, the animals, the carousel, the train, the shows and especially time with Grammy and Jen-Jen! If I must say a perfect day at the zoo.

The last time Jennifer came to visit it was winter so we decided to treat her to some of our summer time favorite, Whippy Dip. The boys love to get their whippy dip in shapes of animals, Rylan got an owl, Jen got an octopus and Holden got a caterpillar. Aren't they cute! Even Grammy enjoyed some whippy dip too. Thelma and Louise's escape to Ohio is turning out to be a fun adventure for these two.

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