Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Turning into something wonderful!

Today was one of those days where it did not go exactly as planned. We had no plans for the day besides playing around the house and to be honest, I was actually looking forward to a day of nothing. While we were all playing downstairs, we hear a knock at the door and it is our neighbor Ally wanting the boys to come out and play. So, they rush to get shoes on and out we went to play. Since it was close to lunch time Ally decided to join us. We were all eating together, when Holden says, "Mom when are we going to do our Lemonade Stand." Quickly I say, "Soon, we will plan it, just not today." Period end of story. So I thought. Once lunch was over, it was time for Rylan's nap and Ally went home. Not even 10 minutes after Rylan was asleep, Ally was back at the door wanting to play again. So back out we went. This time Holden and Ally decided they were going to do a water stand. Yes, to sale water. They rushed around and gathered cups to fill with water. I just watched these two orchestrate everything while talking to our new neighbors. Her kids, ages 12 and 10, come outside and see Ally and Holden's makeshift water stand. They kindly bought a cup of water and went back inside. By now Rylan is a wake and ready to help too! When a couple of minutes later our new neighbors, Kirsten and Nate, come back outside with their hands full. They were carrying a pitcher of Kool-aid and a cooler filled with chocolate covered marshmallows and Iced Vanilla Wafers to join the kids at their stand! Is that not the sweetest gesture ever! Ally, Holden and Rylan were so excited they were joining them. I must mention, by now it is 4:00 and we collect chairs for everyone and move their stand to the front of our street. Finally, everything is in place and the kids have their signs made when their first customer arrives. She asked for a glass of kool-aid and says, "How much do I owe you?" Holden says, "It is a donation for the Ronald McDonald House. They have sick kids." I was a little taken back by the comment but then again, we have been making cards and collecting bottle tabs to take there. I suppose our conversations led him to say this but either way I was very surprised and proud by his response. Surprisingly, then all the kids decided together that whatever they earned from their make shift stand, they would donate to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Doesn't that just melt your heart!

Back at the stand, the kids held up their signs and the customers kept stopping and donating. Even the Sheriff stopped by and gave a donation!
As we were all sitting out at our little lemonade stand, the kids were all talking to each other when Kirsten decided we should have a really big Lemonade and Bake Sale Stand. She suggested we make flyer's for the mailboxes, bake goods like muffins and cookies to sale, and she also suggested that the kids could all make posters together. As she was coming up with these ideas, the kids were getting more and more excited about the next lemonade stand. Once again, they all agreed that they would donate the money from their sales. Again, a priceless moment!

After about an hour and a half ,and lots of samplings from the kids, we started cleaning up and counting the money. You will never believe how much they made?! $52.00 dollars! Not bad for a non-busy street and a spur of the moment idea.

As we ended our day, not only was I totally proud of their effort, determination and the fact that they are planning another bigger and better lemonade stand. I was proud of the fact that these little ones were not talking about buying the next Lego set but rather giving the money to people they do not even know. This moment reassures me that just maybe our conversations about giving back and thinking of others are actually resonating with the boys.

Our plans for tomorrow? Well, the kids want to start making posters for our next Lemonade Stand. So I guess I will be making a trip to Wal-mart since I am in charge of getting the poster boards. Stay tuned for an update of their efforts and the beginning of something wonderful.


Lauren Allen said...

elizabeth that is tooooooooo sweet!!!! what sweet, sweet kids!! It is times like that that you realize those little ears really are listening to you and following your example!! what a great mommy moment!:)~ Lauren

The Gibson Family said...

Awww- such a sweet post! Way to go, girl! Your boys are so sweet!! Wish I would have known, I would have driven down to see them!!