Sunday, September 4, 2011

Are You Ready For Some Football? Birthday Party!

Are you ready for some football?

Let's Run, Throw, Jump and Cheer

Holden's 6th & Rylan's 3rd Birthday is finally here!

Game Day was yesterday, Saturday, and it was an exciting one! As I was planning the party the only weekend that really worked for us was Labor Day weekend. I was expecting a lot of people to have plans for the long weekend but much to my surprise almost everyone was able to come. Which made for a BIG turnout, 26 kids to be exact! Crazy! I was thankful that this year the rain decided to hold off but boy was it a hot one!
I set up the games in the backyard such as Gator ring toss, 40 yard dash, Gator Football toss, Water football toss, Gator Accuracy Test, sack races, and a good old fashion flag football game. I painted the grass to resemble a field with the end zones as Holden and Rylan. I had Kevin make goal post out of PVC pipes which I thought turned out cute even though they were a little top heavy somehow they survived 26 kids! The game was probably the funniest game to watch. Kevin was trying to explain to his team what they needed to do. He described it as "herding squirrels." But just look at them huddling up, isn't that the sweetest thing. The kids were doing celebration dances and belly bumps after each play which provided us with many laughs. Like Rylan trying to hike the ball... Or Sophie out playing with all the boys and actually holding her own! And then the boys, just being boys! Oh, how could I forget the sweet cheerleaders! Molly had the best cheers like, "Fruity, Tooty, Shake Your Booty" and "It's Dynamite, It's Dynamite, Hey, Hey, Hey, It's Dynamite." I set up a tailgate craft area with tattoos, and make your own pendants. Then there was the food, tailgate style. I decide to put everything in the garage so you will have to excuse the background. I tried my best to cover up as much of our "garage items" but I had to remember it is a garage after all. The food was none other than tailgate food, hotdogs, football brownies, jersey brownies, munch, cupcakes, cantaloupe, popcorn and cake! I made two football cakes, one for each. Rylan asked for his to be orange so a little food coloring made that possible. After wishes were made it was time for goody bags and awards for being such great sports! Another year has passed and another fun filled birthday complete. It is hard to believe our football players are 6 and 3, well almost 3. Where has the time gone! Happy Birthday Holden and Rylan!!!


Leroy & Sadako said...

What a Fantastic Football Party! Best Birthday wishes to "Grammy's Chickadees" A very special Congratulations to the PPP's.
If you don't know yet..what PPP stands for shame on is the PORT PARTY PLANNERS. Liz what a great party, super. Kevin the football goals and everything you both worked so hard on, is evident on those sweet little smiley faces !!!
JOB WELL DONE! Just plain EXCELLENT. You both make us so proud!

The Gibson Family said...

LOVE it! You captured so many cute pictures! Thanks for having us! We had a ball!