Thursday, September 29, 2011

Field trip to the farm

There is just something about children going on a field trip, then you add in going to a farm, and the excitement is contagious! Our first class field trip was to Schappacher's Farm. We visited this farm last year but that did not hinder Holden's excitement. On this field trip the kids did not have to wear their uniforms but instead they were encouraged to wear "farm clothes". Now Holden took "farm clothes" to mean his cowboy hat, boots and belt buckle. I really did not feel like arguing over clothes so I went ahead and let him wear his outfit. I am sure you can find him in each picture in his 10 gallon hat!When we arrived at the farm, Farmer Schappacher greeted us and told us all about the farm. Then it was time to feed the cows. But when we walked over to the pasture, there were no cows. The kids held out their corn cobs and look who came walking up. Holden was a little nervous about feeding the cows but then he finally found the courage to feed one. Just look at that tongue! Yuck!

Next the kids feed the donkeys. Then it was time to visit a new addition to the farm...turkeys!

We could not visit the farm without a hayride to the pumpkin patch. After searching for the perfect pumpkin Holden finally settled on a one.

Animals, hayrides, pumpkins ,and fun with classmates, all equaled a perfect field trip to Schappacher's Farm.

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The Gibson Family said...

Sooooooooooo cute! Cowboy Holden looks so very handsome ;)