Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our Boys of Fall

For the past year Holden has been asking to play football. Like on an actual team! I was a little hesitate since he is only 6! Does he really need to be playing football yet. Then a friend told me about the Upward Flag Football League. Since we had such a wonderful time with basketball I knew this would be the perfect league for his first organized football team experience. So we signed him up. I guess fall and football just go hand and hand, especially around this house.

After practicing for the past couple of weeks our team, The Lightning, were anxious for their first game. And the chilly temperatures this morning did not deter any of the kids excitement! Once again, each child could make up their own nickname to be called out as they ran through the tunnel. Holden decided on "Flash." With the theme song to Monday Night Football playing on the loud speakers Holden "Flash" Port ran through the tunnel of smoke handing out high fives to all the parents and fans. After our team devotional and prayer it was time for some football! Holden lived up to his nickname "Flash" by hustling to pull flags, running with the ball, and quick to run from the opponent! At half-time the team gathered to discuss some new strategies. Did I mention Kevin is the assistant coach? I can only imagine the pep talks!
While the teams regrouped, Rylan and I were entertained by these precious cheerleaders! Are they not the cutest! They even have pom poms and megaphones! Adorable!

After half-time it was time for some more football! Look at this hustling! If you are like me, you may be wondering about the victory dance well, it has been replaced with belly bumps! Yes, we were all laughing on the side lines. These kids are just too funny!

In the end, our team may have not scored as many touchdowns as our opponent but they sure had a great time! Much of this fall will be spent with these boys of fall and to be honest I could not think of a better way to spend our Saturday mornings!

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