Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rylan's First Day of Preschool

Today was Rylan's first day of preschool. I knew after his orientation last week, he was in for an exciting, fun and loving school year to come. He woke up excited about his big day. After dropping off Holden we headed over to Rylan's school. He hung his back pack up like a big boy. To begin the day his teacher Miss Megan greeted each child with a hug and exclaimed that she has been waiting all summer to meet them all. How sweet!

As we walked into the classroom he started to get a little nervous but after circle story time he seemed to be ok. Miss Megan had the class line up and walk over to the muscle room, which was our cue to leave. Wouldn't you know it, no tears! He is such a big boy! Yes, it makes me proud that he is confident and excited to go to school but it also breaks my heart to see how fast he is growing up!

As we were leaving the class Rylan's teachers handed out these bag for each parent. Again, the adding loving touch that Rylan is in such great hands.

Tuesdays are my day to volunteer at Holden's school at first I was starting to regret signing up but after today and seeing his excitement that I was there. It was just the appreciation I needed to know that this was the best decision. Not to mention I actually enjoyed my time in his class.

At pickup, Rylan was all smiles and said he had fun...just what I suspected.

Since I do not want Rylan growing up thinking I never do anything special for his first day school. I surprised him with his own special treats. Trust me, it was well worth effort to see his sweet smile and excitement that he had something of his very own. I can honestly say that I believe that we have been blessed with some of the best teachers once again this year. What a blessing!!!

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