Monday, September 12, 2011

Sweet Moments

Having boys the conversations I usually overhear consist of superheros, bad guys, trucks, Legos, bugs, and cowboys. On the car ride home from school today, the conversation was pretty much the same. Holden said to Rylan, "When we get home to you want to play bull riders?" Rylan excitedly responsed, "Yes"
(Yes, they pretend to be bull riders and run out of the closet door like it is a bull gate.)

Then Holden says to Rylan, "I love you Rylan" Rylan looks at Holden and says, "I love you with my heart." Holden says again, "I love you with all my heart too." AWW, so sweet!!! As I continue to drive home I found myself floating on cloud 9 with sweetness from the back seat, not to mention they were quiet. As I am enjoying this sweet moment we pull into the garage and then I hear, "Hurry Rylan! Run go get your hat and horse." To which Rylan says, "Do I need to wear a shirt?" AHH Yes, back to normal boy talk. At least I was able to enjoy a sweet moment before these two went back to being, well being boys!

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