Sunday, September 25, 2011

A packed weekend

It was one of those weekend. You know the ones where you have something to do all weekend. There was footaball, a birthday party, a movie, and some fall planting. Earlier in the week the forecast was looking as if it was going to be a complete wash out but luckily it was not as wet as expected. It all started Saturday morning with Holden's flag football game. Did I mention it was raining? Oh yes, what fun standing in the rain! Rylan was kind enough to share his umbrella with a cute little girl. After our wet morning, we played around the house. Then it was off to celebrate Miss Avery's 1st birthday! Isn't she a doll!

I have to back track here, earlier in the week, I promised the boys we would go to Prasco Park for their fall Family Movie Night. Obviously, I was not thinking about how busy our Saturday was going to be when I promised this outing. As we were leaving Avery's party, I was hoping that the boys had "forgotten" about Prasco Park, not because I did not want to go but because they were both exhausted and were starting to fade rather quickly. However, they did not forget and when I suggested that we just go home, the tears started. So you know where went next? Prasco Park! We met up with my friend Holly and her family and enjoyed Family Movie Night. Yes, I know I am one of those parents who can not say no. But after all I did promise earlier in the week, and a promise is a promise.
On Sunday, it was all about fall planting. We planted mums and lots and lots of tulip bulbs! I even had little hands helping me garden.Our weekend was a busy one but not too busy to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and activities together.

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