Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cookies and a "BOO"

We have been winding down our Halloween activities these last couple of days. For whatever reason it has been an unusually wet fall so I had to change a couple of activities. On a wet and yucky day there is nothing better to do than to make cookies. I took the easy way out and used premade cookies and let the boys go crazy decorating. As you can see, there was a plethora of sprinkles for every cookie. After dinner and baths it was time to "BOO" a neighbor. Most of you know that Holden & Rylan are not quiet by any means, so having us not get caught as we "BOOED" became a little difficult this year. Rylan was laughing and yelling as I held and ran with him on my hip, "Run faster Momma. Faster, Faster." Then Holden tripped and fell, which was another tragedy, we were bound to get caught and we did. Thankfully, we had another neighbor to "BOO". Once the tears subsided we were off and running again. This time we did not get caught. Thank goodness!! I've decided next year we will be the first to "BOO" so perhaps then we know it will not be expected and just maybe, we will not get caught. I guess we will just have to wait and see next year.

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The Gibson Family said...

So much fun!! We LOVE the "boo" tradition at our house ;)