Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rylan's Preschool Harvest Party

Rylan had his first preschool party of the year on Thursday, a Harvest Party. Originally it was not a parent party but then his teacher said on Tuesday that everyone was welcome to come if they wanted. Well, right when Rylan heard her tell the group that everyone was welcome, he looked up at me and said, "You gonna come Momma?" So of course I had to go! They made lots of pumpkin crafts, played a couple of games and played in the sensor table.In keeping with the harvest theme, I made Owl cookies and chocolate covered pretzels for his classmates. We had to leave the party early to pick-up Holden from school and as we were in the car Rylan says, "Thank you Momma for coming to my party." Yes, my heart melted! I guess attending all of the parties really does mean something to this little guy.


Anonymous said...

Love your owl cookies! Do you have the tag printable to download? What did you use for the eyes?

Elizabeth said...

Thank you! I found the printable tag online through a search for "Owloween". The eyes are white chocolate, a yellow chocolate waffer, and a chocolate chip.