Saturday, October 15, 2011

Superheros & a surprise Halloween dinner

Friday was our MOMS Club early Halloween get together at the park. It was windy and cool so I decided to just let the boys wear their dress-up clothes rather than this years Halloween costumes. Little did I know, they would both choose costumes that were way too small! Seriously! We have a closet full of dress-up costumes and they pick the two that do not fit. Go figure! Their costume choices did not seem to bother them and both had fun running around the park as Batman.Don't you just love the rain boots with the Batman costume!

As a surprise, it was an early Halloween dinner with mummy pizzas, monster teeth, and pumpkin juice. Our surprise dinner would not be complete without dessert...Frankenstein ice cream cones to end the night! So many more activities planned as we countdown to Halloween.

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