Friday, November 11, 2011

Achievements and Celebrations

Holden's school teaches in a classical method. Which means he learns the alphabet phonetically and not just on sight. Such as the letter A has four different sounds (a, a, ah, ah) B has one (b), C has two (k, s) and so forth. Daily Holden and I have gone over these flash cards, which he corrected me for not saying the correct sounds. He is already smarter than me. How did this happen! Yesterday, each child was called back individually to recite the sounds for all 26 letters. Holden recited all 26 letters phonograms with no assistance! He was so proud!

As a reward they had a "Letter Naming Party" where they made crowns and decorated cookies with lots of icing and sprinkles. I know this sounds like such a meaningless party but if you could hear the excitement when each child tells you about the certificate they received and then you would know this was more than a meaningless party but rather a celebration of their achievements and hard work.

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