Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Happy Friendsgiving"

This month was my month to host potluck. But instead of having just the usual potluck, moms and kids, we decided to include the husbands and have a Thanksgiving themed potluck. I was in charge of the turkey, (which this was my first 20 lbs turkey to cook. I've made smaller ones before but I was a little nervous with a big one), rolls, and appetizers then the girls divided up the rest. Just like Thanksgiving Day. Which by the way, I did not take a picture of my turkey because I forgot with all the little ones running around, but it sure was a beauty and tasted just as good as it looked!

I made little crafts, coloring pages, and treats for the kids table so they would have something to do besides running around.

As you all know having 10 kids running around while you eat is not exactly fun. We thought it would be best to feed the kids first and then let them watch a movie while we ate. It worked out great! The kids loved the movie and we all had fun socializing, telling stories and laughing. We even passed around "What are you thankful for" cards for everyone and tried to match them up with the person. There were some great comments. And just like Thanksgiving Day it was chaotic, loud, but lots and lots of fun. We renamed our November Potluck to "Friendsgiving". Not only are we thankful for our health, family, and friends but we are thankful to share this time together with lots of laughs and stories that I am sure will bring smiles to our faces for years to come. Happy Friendsgiving to you all!

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The Gibson Family said...

Looks like a fun evening! Happy Thanksgiving!