Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!

Happy Halloween! On most holidays, I usually set up a surprise breakfast table for the boys, however now with school in session our mornings are pretty hectic. Then add having to dress for Reformation Day, I decided it would best to move our surprise holiday theme activities to lunch. Their theme lunch this year was pumpkin sandwiches, BOO nanners, halloween munch and mummy juice. Nothing too fancy but the boys liked it.

Later, we joined our neighbors for a pre-Halloween gathering with tons of treats and a fire to warm by. While we were waiting to go Trick or treating the police stopped by. You may recognize him from this summer, he stopped by the boys lemonade stand, this time, he stopped and handed out candy.

Finally, Darth Vader, which this is the only picture you will see of him with his mask on, and Luke Skywalker were ready to go Trick or Treating. And once we gave the ok, they were off and running! After visiting a couple of houses Rylan decided he was cold and was ready to go back to see Yoda, Dad, while Holden wanted to visit every single house possible!

All and all it was a great Halloween filled with TOO much candy and lots of fun. As they would say in Starwars, "May the force be with you." Happy Halloween!!

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