Sunday, November 13, 2011

The return of Clark Griswold

I read an article once that Maya Angelou wrote that said, "You can tell a lot about a person character by the way they handle three things: a rainy day, lost luggage and tangled Christmas tree lights." I think we might need to add hanging Christmas lights to the list after this weekend.

I have said this several times and I will say it again, the weather from November until April here is cold, rainy, snowy, the list could go on and on. But let's just say the weather here during these months is less than desirable. After a couple of snow flurries this week, the weekend actually turned out not to be so bad. I told Kevin we should take advantage of this time and go ahead and put up the Christmas lights. To which he said, "What Christmas lights?" Funny how his memory is fading in his old age. I reminded him that after Christmas last year he bought new outside lights. The shocked look on his face added to the fact that he really did not remember this purchase. When I opened the container that held these lights his reaction was priceless. I pulled out 12 boxes of outside icicle lights, in which Kevin said, and I am quoting, "What in the hell was I thinking!" HA! Being the wonderful wife that I am, I explained where I wanted everything to go and told him to get to work. Our roof line is very tall so he had to use the extension ladder to place several of the lights but when I saw this....
I knew we were in trouble. Yep, that is Kevin on the roof! Did I mention that he is afraid of heights? Ahh, the return of Clark Griswold. I was just waiting for him to come sliding down the roof just like in Christmas Vacation but thankfully after this one section on the roof he swore he was not getting back up there. I think he also told me, once again I am quoting, "The house did not need to look like Southern Living, we were not in South." Isn't he sweet! Lucky for me, everything left to have hang is reachable by the ladder. Lets just keep our fingers crossed that once we plug everything in, it all lights up! Otherwise Clark will turn into the Grinch. I guess Maya Angelou was correct in saying to can tell alot about someones character by how they react to tangled Christmas lights but in this case I guess his character or love for that matter is what shows. I mean really, he did face his fears and climbed on the roof just to hang lights for us. I suppose he must love us after all. Or perhaps his memory is getting the best of him once again. Either way our house will be lit up and festive for the holidays.


Amy said...

OMG! Kevin is awesome. There's no way my husband would do that for me. As someone who is also terrified of heights, all I can say is WOW!
Oh, but one question... who's taking them down after the season if he's not going back up there?

Amy said...

Ha! I love it! I hope they worked! ;)