Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

After the boys feast on Tuesday, we headed down South for Thanksgiving. The weather on Tuesday was horrible but we made it to Georgia after a long 11 hours! However, the next day the weather was beautiful! The boys were excited and ready to go adventuring. I jokingly say this, but when go to visit the grandparents we are alot like the Airtran commercial. You know the one where the grandparents arrive to visit and the parents are running out the door yelling see you on Sunday! HA! No really, Kevin and I had to go pick up our race numbers on Wednesday downtown so we left the boys in great hands. We knew we were back in Atlanta because of the traffic! We all miss Atlanta but trust me I do not miss the traffic at all! I somehow talked Kevin into running the Turkey Trot with me over the summer and I was not letting him out of this one. After we picked up our race bag we head back for some family time. Playing Lego's, tennis and long walks. Rylan fell in love or rather became obsessed with Kayla. It is a good thing we do not have a dog, the poor thing would not stand a chance.

Bright and early Thanksgiving Day Kevin, myself and 13,000 other people met at Turner Field for the 2011 Turkey Trot. I personally love the excitement of running and being in a large group, Kevin on the other hand was dreading this race for weeks. I told him as long as he finishes that is all that matters. We initially planned to run together but after the first mile and 1/2, Kevin looked at me and told me to just go on. We both finished and placed pretty well. Kevin 71 in his division and I finished 13th in my age group. If only I would have pushed myself a little harder to place 10th ...until next year!
We celebrated Thanksgiving dinner with lots and lots of yummy food. And we gave thanks for one another and reminisced on years past.

After dinner Dad-Daddy had a surprise for the boys. Christmas lights! He let them be his engineer and light up the house. Now you know who "our Clark Griswold" gets his skills from, the original Griswold himself!
Black Friday, Kevin and were out shopping like the rest of the people and when we came home the boys received a letter from Santa. Guess who he sent....our elf Christian!

We ended our time with the family with movie night and pizza, go figure! It was a busy yet fun visit to Georgia for Thanksgiving and as usual, it always goes by so fast! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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