Friday, November 11, 2011

Turkey, Turkey and a Quote

The time between Halloween and Thanksgiving seems to go by so quickly and I always seem to never have enough time to get all the crafts, fun foods and activities done that I want to do with the kids. With that said, we started our projects this week. We made turkey pops. First the kids dipped the rice krispie treat in chocolate, added the feathers, the face and there you have it, turkey pops. Just look at those tail feathers.Next we made turkeys out of a paper towel roll. First, I traced their hands,we cut the hands out and finally after an little glue, googly eyes, and makers, we have turkeys.
Our next two projects involved paint, which is always means a mess. First, I painted their hands brown, then they added some clouds, water, and what do we have...The Mayflower. Next, I painted their hands brown again and they picked out the colors for their fingers. Add some googly eyes and we made hand turkeys. I just love these!!

My little artist with their finished projects!
I came across a quote this week that I've heard many times but really tried to remember it this week. Especially every time the boys changed out of their costumes 20 times, or when we were all cooking together and most certainly when we were doing our projects and making a mess. The quote is, "Please excuse the mess, my children are making memories." Perfect reminder for me this week that they boys are only young once and the mess can always be cleaned up but these times together are precious. Now, I do not think I could live with a constant mess but these temporary messes that produce these smiles I think I can handle.

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