Sunday, November 20, 2011

Twilight Party

The Twilight Saga continues.... I have to admit I had only seen two of the movies when my friend Robyn sent out an email that she was having a party for the "Breaking Dawn"movie. My potluck girls decided to catch up, so for the past couple of weeks we have gotten together to watch the movies leading up to the big premiere. Now most of you may know, but the premiere for the movie was at MIDNIGHT! I can barely stay awake begin with but to watch a movie at midnight, I was not sure I was going to last. However, I did not want to miss a party and what a party it was. Robyn went all out with candles everywhere, fun drinks, food and Mr. Twilight himself Edward. Lots of pre-movie laughs and finally this crazy group of moms made it to the midnight movie, which by the way we brought the median age of the movie goers way up, there where teenagers everywhere! All 16 theaters were sold out. Crazy I know. The movie was good even though I will admit to dozing a bit but the company was even better.

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