Saturday, December 3, 2011

Another Christmas Tradition

Another Christmas tradition we started last year was Big Tree Plantation. This Christmas tree farm is the best! Unlike last year, it was not snowing, which secretly I missed, but it was still picture perfect. The boys saw the reindeer, donkeys, and Santa Claus too! After all this excitement we headed off to the field to pick the perfect tree. We decided to let the boys pick any tree. Well, last year this did not take long but this year they searched and searched and finally after 45 minutes they found their perfect tree! A real beauty! We let Kevin do the honors of cutting the tree down and the boys yelled "TIMBER!" As if we a had a tree that was going to shake the entire field when it fell! These two! We loaded up this jewel and pulled it back to the car. Not without lots of laughs and tons of hot chocolate in the barn.Day 3 of our countdown and another Christmas tradition that I personally have been looking forward to for months, Big Tree Plantation Christmas Tree Farm. Now that we have our tree at home, we will see if it lives up to last years Charlie Brown tree legacy when it is decorated.

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