Thursday, December 15, 2011

A holiday filled weekend

The phrase, "The most wonderful time of the year" should be revised to " The most busiest time of the year." School, playgroup, parties, and activities make for one busy time. Not that I am complaining. But with that said, I am finally getting a chance to post about our fun holiday filled weekend. We started out Saturday morning at the Museum Center to see the holiday trains. As we were walking through entrance, we were greeted with belly dancers. Not sure what that has to do with the holidays but the boys thought they were hilarious or as Rylan would say, "they are naked and funny" Look at these two! We viewed several trains before exploring the rest of the museum. On the way home we stopped at Prasco Park's for An Evening with Santa. As I have said several times before, Prasco always puts on the best events and I knew this one would not disappoint. As we walked in to see Santa there were old toys displayed everywhere and Santa was surrounded by elves and beautiful trees. The boys shared their wish list with Santa and took lots and lots of pictures. After Santa we moved into a room that they called Candyland. I have one word for this room, "WOW!" There were cookies, candy, a hot chocolate bar, cupcakes, and cake pops galore! The pictures do not do this event justice. There was no detail left out! I wish you could have seen the boys eyes! They were fill with joy of candy and sugar delights! After enjoying several beautiful treats it was time to leave but not before they received a gift and a children's bible. What a wonderful event and it was all free, yes, free. The owners do this event to give back to the community and to share the love of Christ with everyone. All I can say is incredible!
Sunday afternoon, we went back to Prasco Park for Ice Skating. Holden and I did this last year together and this year we wanted to go as a family. This was Rylan's first time to ice skate and he was loving it! Holden took a couple of minutes to get the hang of it but once he did he was off and skating around. We had such a fun family day ice skating, drinking hot chocolate, and enjoying the season together. These memories will last long past the holiday season all thanks to Prasco Park and another wonderful family holiday weekend.

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The Gibson Family said...

Their picture with Santa turned out awesome!! Sorry we missed each other that night ;) Next year, for sure!!