Thursday, December 8, 2011

More Elf Mischief

Our Elf Christian has gotten into more mischief this week. First he was found hanging upside down in the pantry drinking the honey, next he was found reading his own book, then he was found the next day coloring, and thankfully the next morning he was found taking a nap, I guess all this fun has tired him out. Well, so I thought, he was found in refrigerator trying to get a coke the very next day,then he decided to battle it out with the good knights, and then finally this morning he was found taking a relaxing bubble bath. To hear the boys scream when they find Christian each morning is priceless. This little Elf is surly loved, I just wonder where he will end up next?!


nicole said...

You have got one mischievous elf on your hands! :) I bet your kids love it! I have got to post something about our elf, Zaccheus! He's been stirring up things here, too.

Lauren Allen said...

you are BEYOND creative!!!! haha!! I LOVE IT!! You are an awesome mom Elizabeth!! ;)