Friday, December 30, 2011

More lights to see

The weeks leading up to Christmas this year seemed to be busier than ever and some of our holiday plans to see lights were put off. One of the places we wanted to visit was the Festival of Lights at the Zoo however, we did not make it there before Christmas. The boys kept asking to go so on Friday night, we decided to go. The weather was not that bad and the boys were beyond excited! Especially after being greeted by a huge Rhino Nutcracker! The lights were great! There were tree lights set to music, lights like animals, lights covering bridges, reindeer, and a Gingerbread Village. The boys loved seeing all the animals at night too. A family favorite was watching the polar bear swim laps and the carousel! We had such a great time! To be honest, I think Kevin and I enjoyed the Festival of Lights just as much as the boys did!

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