Thursday, December 22, 2011

School Christmas Parties

I am a little behind with posting but last Thursday was Holden's class Christmas Party. I volunteered to help out and we made a beaded ornament for a craft and some other "special surprises" I was under strict instructions not to look.After the kids completed their crafts it was time for a little party. Instead of having a traditional party with a feast and such, the kids made their own ice cream sundaes. Sounds a little funny but the class was beyond excited. Just look at Holden's face as he has full reign of the chocolate syrup! What a fun morning.

Rylan's class party was on Tuesday and it was the traditional party with songs, can you see what a ham he is, he loves to sing and dance, followed a birthday cake for Jesus, a feast with lots of food and even a book exchange. Holden was with me and I think he had just as much fun as Rylan. Oh, the school memories we have together.

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