Friday, December 30, 2011

Tennessee Christmas 2011

Christmas in Tennessee....

This year was not like years past, for several reasons, but one reason was that for the first time in years, all of the cousins were together. All except for my cousin Clay, who was in New York. We all made it back to a place we like to call Memaw and Granddaddy's, better know as home.

With this many people, there was tons of cooking, tons of playing, and lots of eating! And it would not be Christmas without a new addition to the Turner family, Luke! Isn't he precious and look at his twin...Granddaddy! It is crazy to look at the two together. Then there were Christmas Eve presents, just look at the little ones waiting patiently or at least they are trying.

Since were all together for the first time in years we took advantage of our time together and had family pictures. All the cousins and Grandaddy, Our family, and the boys and my football player nephews!

Despite being in a hotel on Christmas, I tryied to make sure we still made it special for the boys. We brought a tree, food for the reindeer, and of course cookies and milk for Santa.

Christmas morning was filled with presents and laughter. And family time together. Christmas night we packed up the kids and Grandaddy and went to Christmas City. I think Granddaddy enjoyed it just as much as the kids did!

This Christmas was not exactly picture perfect, but neither is life. What mattered the most was not the presents under the tree but the love, laughter, and time we all shared together making memories that will last a lifetime, long after those Legos are lost. This Christmas was about counting our blessing, saying how much we mean to each other, and savoring each moment together, and that is what Christmas is really about! Merry Christmas!

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