Sunday, January 8, 2012

"The Bullet"

Our Upward Basketball season started today and just like last year it started off with a bang.   This years We are the Seminoles.  As with all Upward Sports the kids are asked to pick out a nickname for themselves.  Last year Holden was "Batman", then in football he was "Flash" and this season of basketball, he is Holden "The Bullet" Port.  How he came up with this name is beyond me but when they announced his name to run through the tunnel, he shot out like a bullet. 

This is the only picture I was able to capture.  I guess the nickname is fitting.  After a prayer and matching the wristbands to each child for guarding, we were ready to play. 
Holden took his guarding responsibilities very serious and was not letting his guy past him.

He even tried to steal the ball, which in this age group you are not suppose to do.


Look at him jumping to make sure his little guy does not get a basket.


Finally, Holden was able to get the ball near the basket and was able to SCORE!!!

As you can imagine, he was excited.  He was high-fiving all of his teammates. This mornings game provided us with lots of laughs! There is just something about this age group playing sports that is just adorable.


I am certain we in for a great time this season.

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