Monday, January 16, 2012

"But Momma, I'm the Coach"

Saturday was Holden second Upward basketball game.  It was an early game, 8:00 am! Crazy I know. Which meant we needed to have everyone dressed and out the door by 7:20 to make sure we were on time.  Friday night, I laid all our clothes out, got snacks together, and organized everything so that the morning would go smoothly.  Well, all was going great until Rylan saw his outfit.  He protested and said he could not wear that!  When I asked him what did he wanted to wear, he ran and got Holden's Upward basketball uniform from last year. AHH!  I tried to talk him out of this outfit because it was snowing and freezing outside.  However, he was not having it and he looked at me and with his loud little voice said, "But Momma, I'm the coach!" 

I guess I should have prefaced the story by telling that each week at practice, Holden coach, Coach Bill, let's Rylan come over and help with the devotional and passing the balls.  And he calls him, "Coach Rylan".  So on Saturday morning, this is what Coach Rylan was wearing...
I am quite sure this will be his attire for the entire season. He loved how everyone was like, "Oh, you look so cute, Are you a basketball player, Are you playing too."  Coach Rylan was loving all the attention we will see if this continues! Stay tuned! 

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