Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just another winter day

This our third winter in Ohio and by far this has been the mildest.  Even with the mild temperatures, for here that is, it has been gloomy and rainy most days.  The boys make the most of these winter days by fighting crime as Batman and Batman Jr.

Oh these two actors!

Lots and lots of games!  
Winter crafts...we painted with snow.  Well, actually it was shaving cream and glue but once it dried it looked like snow.

Our winter day ended on a sweet note.  I had Christmas M&M's leftover from the holidays and was wondering what in the world am I going to do with all of these.  Then I came across a recipe, M&M Blondie's.  Perfect.  My little bakers had a great time pouring the flour, sugar and yes the M&M's too.
Today was just another winter day but as I sit here, snow is falling outside.  Since it has been such a mild winter thus far, I am actually looking forward to tomorrows snow and I secretly hoping for a snow day.  I know, I will probably regret these thoughts of snow in a couple of weeks when it will not stop but for now the kids are excited about the snow and to be honest I am too.

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Cameron said...

Your boys are SOOO cute! Looks like a fun day! When I lived in NYC, I always loved the snow the first day, when everything was blanketed in snow, then once people started driving/walking on, I hated it. Looks like y'all had a fun day! :)